As an Enabling Technologies Informationist, I work with faculty of varying technological backgrounds and expertise. One faculty member might find a tool to be quite straightforward and easy to use, while another might find the same tool to be complex, difficult, and frustrating; as a result, I have learned to present the same information to different audiences by relating familiar tools and concepts to those being discussed. It is also important to have these tools and concepts documented so the faculty member(s) can revisit the information on their own.

Below, you will find some examples of documents I created for faculty at UM while working at the Taubman Health Sciences Library, LSA Instructional Support Services, and older documents I created during graduate school.

Documents and posts written at the University of Michigan:

Online resources
Example post from the Instructor College Steering Committee blog
• THL News Blog
THL Twitter account
• U-M Mobile Users Group Google+ page
Mobile Users Group presentation for U-M Instructional Design SIG (My section: What is mobile learning?)
Social Media @ Michigan blog post on Facebook privacy changes (archive)
• My posts on the LSA ISS Learning Technologies & Consulting blog
• LSA ISS Learning Technologies & Consulting Twitter account

Documentation created for the Anatomage Table
Anatomage Quick Start Guide (262 KB)
Anatomage Example Scenario 1 (92.1 KB)
Anatomage Example Scenario 2 (95.5 KB)

Simplifying complex requirements via process mapping
• NIH Public Access Policy Processing Map

Course website redesign: before and after
THL Systematic Reviews workshop

Documentation to train Operations staff on the video clip digitization process
• How to digitize using Blackmagic (135 KB)
• How to burn clips projects DVD’s using iDVD (4.7 MB)

Handout for Prezi workshop attendees
• Online presentations with Prezi (871 KB)

Handout for Google+ workshop attendees
• Introduction to Google+ (283 KB)

Handout for iMovie HD workshop attendees
• Adding value to your digital media with iMovie HD (139 KB)

Handout for Photoshop workshop attendees
• Photo editing techniques with Photoshop (467 KB)

Interactive Microsoft Word form for Sweetland’s Peer Tutor program
• Sweetland Center for Writing Peer Tutor application (111 KB)

Examples of academic projects completed in graduate school at Bowling Green State University:

Thesis abstract (entire thesis via OhioLINK)
• “An Analysis of the Shift from Black & White to Color Photography in Higher Education Introductory Photography Courses” (56 KB)

Interactive multimedia learning module
• OS X Basics (3.9 MB)

One-hour instructional seminar
• Cornhole seminar presentation (3.7 MB)
• Cornhole pre-test/post-test (31 KB)

• UAO survey evaluation (68 KB)
• UAO survey presentation (597 KB)